Google algorithm update for 2012

Google is yet again making a necessary update to the algorithm, this will be the first Google algorithm update for 2012.

Google says that the new algorithm update is being made to maximize the users experience with the website. Google clearly states that they understand the need to place ads on the top fold of the website so users know right away what your website is about, however Google is tired of to many advertisements. Google wants to put a stop to sites that just rank up a website to put advertisements on them, these types of sites shouldn’t be ranking over a legit company that is offering services.

When you should experience some loss with this new Google algorithm update for 2012, if your going to.

Some say that they have already experience some loss in the past few weeks, others say that the update is going to gradually take place over the next month to two months. Then you have some that say this is going to be a rolling update. While we would all like to believe one of them, we know that guessing will just be a guess and we won’t know until Google actually updates the algorithms and tests are performed later on.

What you should do to prepare for the Google algorithm update for 2012

If you have banners that are in the mid section of your site right below your menu you should consider taking these out or moving them to a new part of the site. Google is going to start penalizing due to the top fold of a website that has to many advertisements in it. So how will you take action for the new Google algorithm update for 2012?

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