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Ethical Affordable SEO

Google is constantly making changes to their algorithm. The only way you will always stay on the top of the search engines after a algorithm update is to make sure you are using a company like ours that offers affordable SEO services. The SEO tactics we offer below are all very ethical tactics that we have used on 1000’s of websites. Its’ very important not to use spam tactics like forum posts, blog comments, or anything like these, because Google will just penalize your site eventually.


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Helper Starter Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium

Price Per Month

$175 $350 $550 $899 $1399 $2400 $4800

Minimum Contract Period

1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month

Number of Keywords

6 8 12 16 20 25 30

Keyword Research/Recommendations

Recomended For

Niche Moderate Competitive Extra
Aggressive Super

1 Hour Consultation with Affordable SEO Services CEO

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization Consultation

Website Content Optimization (On-Page SEO)

1 2 6 12 20 25 30
Local SEO Optimization

Local Search Engine Submission

Google Places/Plus Local Page Optimization

Updating Local Pages

Writing (Unique Articles Only)

Blog Writing + Optimization + Anchor Text Inner-linking

2 3 4 5 6 9 12

Blog Social/RSS/Feed Syndication (Amounts are Per Blog) The amount of times we will syndicate this manually.

5 6 7 8 9 12 15

Press Release Writing (Syndication from 5,000 to 30,000 urls) Gold + Packages Receive A Prweb Press Release.

1 1 2 3 4 6 8

Homepage Content If Needed

0 1 1 1 1 1 1

Local Citation Submission – This Helps Local + Authority Purposes

3 6 8 12 15 20 25

Press Release Submissions

(Syndication to over 300 urls)

1 1 2 3 4 6 8
Social Media Optimization Submissions

Blog Submission To Popular Syndications To Naturally Increase Authority

Press Release Social Submission (ask us)

15 20 30 40 60 80 120

Video Submission (if you have one this is free)

Website Tips

Website Improvement Tips

Social Media Marketing (Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)

Google Plus Brand/Business Page

Google +1 via Google Search

Facebook Fan Page & Twitter account Creation

Facebook – Posting Content/Writing (We Keep Your Page Updated)

Extra $33 Week 15 Posts 30 Posts

Pinterest – Posting Content/Writing (We Keep Your Page Updated)

Extra $33 Week 15 Posts 30 Posts

Twitter – Posting Content (We Keep Your Page Updated)

Extra $33 Week 15 Posts 30 Posts

Posting Content Google Plus

Extra $33 Week 15 Posts 30 Posts

Facebook Video Uploads


Daily Ranking Report

Monthly Competitor Ranking Report

Monthly Backlinking Report

Customer Support (email,chat, & phone)

Popular Questions1. How long does SEO take? – Anyone that tells you they can rank any term up in an exact amount of time isn’t a very
ethical SEO company.  SEO takes time and to make sure it looks natural you need to make sure you start SEO slow and built up.
Never start with a $3,000 package as your first package.  If you have never had SEO before I highly recommend starting with our $325 package.2. Why am I not ranked yet?  Some keywords are low competition and others are very competitive.
The more competitive your keyword is, the longer it can take to rank up.  Some keywords may take 3 months and others may take 2 years or
longer to rank up pending on what they are.3. Will my work be outsourced?  We don’t outsource work here and will never start.4. Who writes my articles and how well are they written?  Pending on the type of
you site you have we have a variety of in house writers that you can email all details on what you would like written or we
can use our imagination and write for you.  If you need a copy of the articles before they go live that isn’t a problem at all.
All articles are unique and written by an American writer here in house.5. How are your services so cheap?
We have teams of submitter’s that work on specific niches.  So while we are working on a site like yours we can
also work on yours at the same time.  However we don’t work on the same exact keywords for 2 sites, so please ask first, before you order
a package with us if we are already working on those keywords.6.Do you use software or manually submit?We only manually submit, we don’t believe in the use of any software other than for statistical purposes when
checking rankings for your site, or analytics.

Our Clients

We work for various types of clients that range from your everyday service provider to very large corporations. As much as we would like to list 1000’s of clients that we work for here, we have a non disclosed signed for every website we work on. Per request we can allow you to talk to a client in your specific niche or somewhat close.

We work on the following service type websites:

Plumber Services
Cleaning Companies
Wedding Shops
Florists Services
Car Mechanic Services
Gong Shops
Construction Services of all kinds
Various Doctors like Dentists, Chiropractors, Family Practices, and much more.
Car Dealers
Hunting Associations
Gold and Silver Services
Loan and Financial Services – We hold rank 1 for many competitive financial terms in 2 countries.
Electronic Wholesale and Local Services
Electrician Services
Web Design Services in 3 different countries
For Other SEO Companies
Soccer/Football Associate
Dog Walking Services
Hair Salon and Product Services
Pen Services
3D training College
Car Part Websites
Tanning Salons

The list keeps on going on and on, we can give examples upon request. For more info contact us today.