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  • Due to many algorithm changes latley we are no longer offering free SEO tools.
    We are now giving guidance on how to find relevant links for your website.  If you don’t feel you can do this yourself and you need help, please let us know, we provide affordable SEO services for all site types.


    To find relevant content for your website, the best method is to search with inurl code.


    There are 1000’s of inurl codes and this is just a quick example.  If we wanted to search for a relevant website for the word toys we could do something like this

    Example: inurl:submit_article.php +”toys”

    Simply paste that into Google and you will find websites that allow you to submit an article with the relevant section toys.  This way you can post relevant content to the toys section of the site.  You can do this for many different platforms, submission types, and keywords for your website.  This insures that your submitting to the most relevant section you can submit to.