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    Here at Affordable SEO Services we have Guaranteed SEO Services. While we would like to guarantee everything for the same price we can’t. We offer different SEO Services found here Affordable SEO Services.

    We would like to clear up some confusion about our Guaranteed SEO Services. Only SEO Service Packages that state Guarantee on them actually have a Guarantee.  Please see our Guaranteed Seo Services page to look at some of our SEO packages.

    Our Guarantee consists of a two part payment. The first payment is 50% up front which is non refundable. The second payment is after we have completed the agreement that we have made with the client. If we can’t complete the agreement then we don’t get the second payment. Most of our Guaranteed SEO Packages take on an average of 6 months to 12 months to see the best results. For newer sites this may take much longer.

    What does our guarantee cover? We guarantee that we will move your keyword up above the position that it is in, we guarantee that we will use all white hat tacitcs to acheive this, and we guarantee that you will own all of the work done. We guarantee all of this or you don’t pay the 2nd part of the payment. We would like to guarantee everyone a first page position, but sometimes it just isn’t possible in the amount of time a client needs it done by.

    Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our guarantee or need any other assistance.