Making Google Happy

Hello my name is Matthew Boley, I am the owner of

I am writing this today to let everyone know how to make Google happy.

Most think that Google is trying to hurt us, or we need to hide something from Google. Most think they need to use all of these special tactics to diversify bad link types etc. The problem is with this, is that Google will always find what you do no matter how much you try to hide it. Google isn’t looking through a large list. Google finds specific sites that you post on, ban them, then analyze all the sites posted on that site. Google’s bot then sends you an automated message based on this.

Things you can do to make Google happy are the following.

  • Stop spamming to bad link type sites.  Don’t use forum links, blog networks, blog commenting, or anything like this.
  • When you do submit to an ethical link type, make sure what your submitting is great content.  Google is going to find out if your using spam spun content. Use unique content that is written by someone who knows what they are talking about.
  • Make sure your website has useful content on it.  Often people make a website, start up a business, but don’t really have anything more than “by this now”.  Google is looking for sites that give back to the community or the internet itself, not another buy this site.  Have you ever noticed Wikipedia is number 1 for millions of terms.  It’s because the are pure information and generally facts.
  • If you pick an SEO company to do your work, make sure they use ethical SEO services and not just tactics that get you ranked up.

Please stop back for more tips and thank you for reading this.

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