A New Era Of SEO

Google is changing their algorithm yet again in a significant way.

Over the past 3 days I have seen 17 threads alone on SEOMOZ, of many claiming that all of there rankings are gone. After researching this in depth for each domain I started to notice a simple correlation between them all. I noticed that almost all of them had a low amount of backlinks with anchor text that where their keywords or anything that would be considered Co-Occurrence as Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard stated. All of the sites where ranking off of onpage SEO efforts and not direct anchor text backlinks.

This could relate to many different scenarios, but my best guesses are all of the following
1. Onpage SEO has changed in the weighting factor it once had.
2. Google is cross analyzing anchor > onpage even more now than what they already did.
3. Google is looking for Co-Occurrence even sooner than what we thought. Could there be a possibility that Google is analyzing the surrounding text in a sentence and factor the words in between each word that makes a keyword?

Theoretically speaking it’s possible that Google could be analyzing the density now of an article by it’s Co-Occurrence and not the exact keyword. If an article is truly about the keyword added to an article that leads back to a site, why wouldn’t Google just analyze the article and use Co-Occurrence to measure the density of an article? To me this would cut out irrelevant articles with anchor texts in them. They could then pull the keywords together that the article talks about by themselves and rank you up for the top density keywords they analyze in the article and by using your url attached to your keyword. So in all reality when they are calculating and analyzing the page they could replace your anchor text with the calculated density of your articles keywords.

To sum this up… When we all write articles we put our phrases in order and don’t talk about specific parts of our keywords generally in our articles, or if we do it’s not enough. Could it be possible that Google is starting to ignore exact match anchors more and more, like we all dreaded for a very long time?

This is actually a smart move on Google’s part, but is hard for us. This will force everyone to use the non promotional articles and can’t use articles such as “Hey here is this great company and oh by the way, they offer keyword here services” Now we will need a wiki type information article that is truly going to help others.

Again this is just a theory, but I do know that many are losing all of their rankings right now that optimized their site just for onpage SEO and didn’t pay attention that much to off page SEO. However some that did pay attention to off page are also losing their rankings, but not as many, this could just strengthen my theory of them analyzing surrounding text instead of exact keyword matches.

Thanks for reading this article and add or comment to this if you would like.

This article was written by Matthew Boley, Owner of http://www.affordableseo-services.com who enjoys giving affordable SEO services to small businesses that can’t afford the over priced SEO many firms charge.

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